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We at Moedas & Co. in 9 years of existence have already carried out several custom projects serving publishers, authors, and companies from different segments. We frequently receive budget requests for projects of this nature and for this reason we decided to create a document with the main questions.

What shapes and sizes do you produce?
As long as it is flat, it is possible to develop coins of any shape and size. As a reference, most of the coins in our catalog have a diameter of 25mm.

What are coins made of?
Our coins are produced in Zamak, a metallic alloy very common in the foundry industry and used mainly in the production of metal accessories such as belt buckles, buttons, jewelry, etc... Zamak is an alloy that is highly resistant to bending, denting, and corrosion. After the casting process, the coin still undergoes an oxidation process (which gives it a dark background), metallic bath, application of varnish, and finally individual polishing.

What are the color options?
Moedas & Co - Colors
We work with four "colors" or baths as we usually call them: aged gold, nickel-plated, copper and aged. For all these cases, the piece value remains unchanged. It is possible to carry out projects with gold bath or enamel application, but these have different values depending on the project.

Can I order a single coin?
Unfortunately not. The production process involves several steps and, to be economically viable, the minimum we ask for is the manufacture of 100 pieces per model.

Do you make custom coins of the games that are on the market?
No. We are happy to receive suggestions for new coin kits for games that have been released on the market, but we do not accept budgets for the production of these pieces, which use the art present in the game, made by individuals or groups. Coins made to order by publishers for crowdfunding projects, pre-sales, among others, are the responsibility of the publisher and cannot be reproduced or sold by us without their authorization.

How much does it cost to make custom coins?
There are two distinct stages in production: engraving/molding and production. For the engraving process, there is a cost of around USD85.00 / EUR75.00 for each different coin model. This cost is charged once and if the customer makes more coins of the same model in the future, this amount is not charged. A set of coins that have a common face and a different one requires that an engraving be made for each, and it is not possible to reuse one of the sides of the mold.
After paying the engraving, each coin will have a unit value that will vary according to its size, quantity, and special characteristics (such as painting, for example). To get the values for your specific project, click on the button below and fill out the budget form.

What is the deadline for production?
Between the delivery of the artwork and the shipment of the pieces, the average production period is 30 days, depending on the size of the order. Also, some projects require a few adjustments in the art that can extend the deadline a few days.

Logically, these questions are not enough to cover the immense amount of variables present in the production of coins. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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